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Interactive SWDP SHELAA Map provided by Newgrove
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Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

The SHELAA mapping identifies the sites that have been submitted through the ‘Call for Sites’ process in 2018/19, as available housing or employment land. The sites have been submitted by landowners and developers and will inform the potential supply of housing and employment land in South Worcestershire. It is a technical report rather than a planning policy document. It does not allocate sites for any land use , it simply indicates land availability and deliverability. The SHELAA is one of a number of technical reports that will make up the evidence base for the South Worcestershire Development Plan Review and inform it’s policies, spatial development strategy and associated allocations. In summary the SHELAA does not allocate sites for housing or employment. Proposed allocations require a separate, more detailed planning appraisal and of course they, along with the rest of the Preferred Options document, will be the subject of a public consultation exercise in November 2019. (Assuming that the Preferred Options is supported by each of the three South Worcestershire Councils in October.)