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Interactive SWDP Policies Map provided by Newgrove
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The South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) was adopted on 25th February 2016 and the Policies Map is now finalised.

This Policies Map illustrates geographically the application of the policies in the adopted SWDP.

Green Infrastructure (GI)

The original intention of this information was to give a guide to the quality of and opportunities for GI in Worcestershire. The boundaries of the areas are drawn using data from a number of sources which have been combined to inform the strategic level approach to GI principles. As this work has been undertaken at a strategic level, there will be local variations in GI quality and opportunity which will need to be explored at the individual site level as appropriate.

The SFRA (2014) is the evidence underpinning SWDP Policy 28: Management of Flood Risk and provides useful information on flooding to interested parties. For the most up to date flood maps please refer to the EA website at

Mineral Consultation Areas

Worcestershire County Council is the Minerals Planning Authority for Worcestershire. At present, minerals policy and proposals for Worcestershire are set out in the policies of the Minerals Local Plan (1997) that were saved by the Secretary of State in September 2007. The saved minerals policies (which will be replaced by the revised Worcestershire Minerals Local Plan) form part of the Development Plan for Malvern Hills, Worcester and Wychavon Councils. Consultation is required with the County Council on development proposals within Mineral Safeguarding Areas for ‘Clay’, ‘Hard Rock’ and ‘Sand and Gravel’. This is the most appropriate data we have at present but further information on the emerging Minerals Local Plan can be found here

With respect to coal extraction, the latest data from the Coal Authority shows no ‘resource’ in Worcestershire, however due to legacy of coal mining activities in the northern part of Malvern Hills District, there are areas of High and Low Development Risk. These areas act as consultation areas with the Coal Authority who can be contacted via email or by calling 01623 637 119.

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